Choose Healthy

Choose Healthy

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Support Local

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Get it Fresh

Get it Fresh

Convenient and direct access to locally grown food

47Farms Customer: Bruce Wayne

Our family has made a conscious effort to eat as healthy as possible. We’re a strong believer in eating close to the source so the idea of being able to get food delivered to us directly from farms is perfect. We support local farming, we get great tasting fresh food and it feels great.

Sean Ryan

Individual choices about eating are critical to one's health. As individuals we have the right to know what and who is behind the food we choose to consume. However, individual choices are made within a food system that influences what is available. Most food is shipped thousands of miles before it is eaten. Foods that are the most profitable are those that ship well, have a long shelf life and are cleverly branded as "convenient." This resulted in a food market flooded with processed, packaged foods and as a consequence we are paying a heavy price with our own health. At 47farms we are on a mission to harness the power of technology to reverse these trends by enabling access to local and healthier foods.

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